Charlotte Carpenter – Let It Go

Have you been to a Charlotte Carpenter Tea Party? Young and determined musician Charlotte is making waves in the midlands with her guitar laden stories. istartedthefire Records have decided to release her EP ‘Let It Go’ to the music hungry public and the public cannot wait.

Being only 20 years old she has already accomplished a lot already. Completing her degree in Music at the University of Derby, releasing two EPs and touring up and down the country. All this with also hosting the ‘Charlotte Carpenter Tea Party’ where she plays local gigs with fellow musicians.

On her latest release ‘Let It Go’, Charlotte is even showing growth from her first EP released in 2010. Opening song ‘Love Songs’ screams single release if any do, it is charming and catchy enough to have you singing it on the way to work in the morning. Her sound is now more accomplished, highly influenced by admitted hero Laura Marling especially on the title track ‘Let It Go’. She shows a darker more cynical side while finding her pace with minor chords. For relief on my part, Charlotte seems to have depth in her music. She has not just taken three chords and sang a chirpy ditty over them to be ‘quirky’ as so many do. She has thought about what she is writing from the determined jolt of ‘Take What You Want’ to the vivid waltz of ‘The City’; the latter to my joy including a steel guitar backing.

I usually review EPs and Albums in numerical order it makes for easier writing and generally easier reading. Though sometimes, when something presses you or hugs your mind with an immovable blanket, you have to get it out. This leads me to review ‘Child’s Heart Tape’ from Charlotte’s EP next. Very often you can pin point which song on an EP or album has come purely from a real place. A place of trouble or heartfelt experience where the song reaches a new height of talent because it is so deep rooted when it is written. I could be wrong but listening to ‘Child’s Heart Tape’ makes me feel that Charlotte wants to share and is finding courage to do so. It could be pulled seamlessly from something Martha Wainwright would have produced on her album of the same name. She may not be quite the wordsmith that Miss Wainwright is but she has a similar smooth tone and in my opinion this is a highlight of ‘Let It Go’.

Going back to the beginning you can hear the youth in Charlotte. There is a wealth of guitar laden singer-songwriters out there in the Indie world today. All being quirky and telling their stories making it incredibly difficult to set them apart from each other and keep your interest in the individual themselves. Though Lucy Rose has done it, Laura Marling, Lily Allen and Kate Nash did it. The question lingers as to whether Charlotte can but the songs are coming from a place of story-telling which is the place where she will be able to carve herself a home. She writes with experience and being so young it leaves you wondering what depths she could get to in five or ten years time.

She is a name around the area, her fan base is growing by the day and she seems to have been born with a name so suited for album artwork that I, along with the rest see no other future for her.

‘Let It Go’ is released via istartedthefire Records on 24th September. Available on iTunes and Amazon.

Read this review on The Monograph.


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